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is a non-profit organization that provides timely, compassionate, and informed help to people having difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. In the United States, 5.3 million people experience infertility. This translates to an estimated 15,000 couples in Hawaii. You are by no means alone!

We provide this web site to help you discover the world of support that's available. Founded in Boston in 1974, RESOLVE is an education, support and advocacy organization dedicated to assisting those struggling with infertility and increasing the visibility of infertility issues. RESOLVE of Hawaii is run by volunteers - there are no paid staff members. As a member of ROH, you are entitled to all benefits described on our Member Services page.

We support couples in all phases of their journey--whether you are planning to start a family in the next few years, currently undergoing assisted reproductive techniques and want to keep up with technological advances, or are considering the possibility of adoption, we encourage you to join us at our monthly meetings to find the help you are seeking. These informational meetings are usually once a month.

You can also reach one of our volunteers by emailing us at or leaving a message on our Help Line
at 528-8559. You will get the most from RESOLVE if you join, attend the programs and volunteer your time. We hope to hear from you!

Meetings cancellations
We strongly regret that meetings AFTER august will be cancelled.


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Resolve of Hawaii members receive quarterly issues of Family Building magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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Are you having trouble conceiving and are wondering if you have an infertility problem?
Are you over 35 and still trying to conceive after trying for a year or more?
Are you wondering about male infertility?
How do I know when I'm fertile?
Do you need help with insurance coverage or information on treatment costs?
Are you unable to become pregnant but still want to enjoy parenthood in some other form?



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